Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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Portable Ultrasound Scanner:



Portable Ultrasound Scanner:
1.Humanized design
2.Rapidly one-key operation includes one-key storage, one-key browse and one-key print
3.Unique CPU temperature control function, when the temperature is too high, it can automatically shut down.
4.Rotatable LED Panel to make the users get the best image visual sense from different angles.
5.One-key to light the keyboard, suitable for operation dark room
6.Practical function knob design, use A key to realize quick adjustment in a variety of conditions.
7.Powerful data management system
8.Optimization of the query image function, can realize 1-2 seconds to your needs.
9.internal work station multi-plan template, quickly finish data manage function, realize process multi medical histories function
10.Abundant software package
11.Equipped with professional gravel package which can realize real time positioning measurement.
12.OB measurement and analysis 1s kinds OB table and several GA measurement AFI, Fetus growth curve and OB report
13.GYN measurement and analysis general GYN software packages and GYN report
14.Urological measurement and analysis residual urine, volume of prostate,Urological report.
15.High quality clinical image
16.A High resolution and full screen display ,meet your vision needs
17.Adjustable LED brightness, convenient and practical

Portable ultrasound machines are mobile ultrasound systems designed to be used in small spaces, at a patient’s bedside, or in the field. They can be cart-basedtablet-based, or hand-carried.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm