Surgery Set – 24 Piece

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Surgery Set – 24 Piece

A surgery set contains surgical instruments are tools that allow surgeons to open the soft tissue, remove the bone, dissect and isolate the lesion, and remove or obliterate the abnormal structures as a treatment.


1 x Instrument Box S.S 25 x 12 x 6cm

-4 x Clamp, Towel, Bakhaus 10.5cm

-2 x Forceps Artery & Tissue Chaput 14cm 2×3 Teeth

-6 x Forceps Artery Halsted Mosquito 12.5cm CVD

-1 x Forceps Artery Pean 14cm STR

-1 x Forceps Dressing Standard 14.5cm STR

-1 x Forceps Artery & Tissue Collin 16cm Oval Jaws

-1 x Forceps Tissue Stan 14.5cm 1×2 Teeth STR

-1 x Galipot 100ml 8cm S.Steel

-1 x Needle Holder Mayo Hegar 18cm Stand Pattern

-1 x Probe Double Ended 14.5cm 1.5mm S.Steel

-1 x Retractor Farabeuf Baby D/Ended 12cm Pair

-1 x Scissors Metzembaum (Lahey) CVD 14cm

-1 x Scissors Mayo CVD 14cm

-1 x Scalpel Handle # 4 Standard

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm